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18th November 2016:

We have terminated the MOU with Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd, under RSBY Scheme.
No longer we will be providing Cashless services to RSBY Card Holders.This decision was unfortunately taken by management because of unfair,irrational package rates under the scheme,( which has not been revised since 2011) which was preventing us from providing quality healthcare to our patients. Since we cannot compromise on quality healthcare, we have terminated the MOU.

9th February 2014:

Bodeli General Hospital organized a free diagnostic camp at an interior tribal village called Chaktala in Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Professional services were provided free by the team of doctors. Free Xray facility and Free medicines were provided to all beneficiaries attending the camp.
There were more than 500 registrations. Many poor people of that region took the benefit of this camp.
Here are few of the pictures of the camp:

1ST June 2013:

Recently Solar Water heating system was installed at this hospital for continuous supply of hot water to patient's bathrooms.We continuously work for the comfort of our patients.

19th November 2012:
One Patient delivered triplets by Normal delivery at Bodeli General Hospital on 19th Nov. 2012.
The couple had been undergoing treatment for infertility under Gynaecologist Dr Sarita Pandey .The couple was overjoyed now having three children at a time after a period of prolonged infertility.

23rd September 2012:
A multispeciality Diagnostic Medical camp was organized by Bodeli General Hospital at Village Bahadurpur, Sankheda, District Vadodara. Doctors rendered their free services. Xray, Laboratory and medicines were provided free of cost by Bodeli General Hospital.Numerous poorand needy population took the advantage of the services.
link ob fb:
few of the pics are attached below:

19th September 2012:

Inspite of having multiple Microtek Inverter network for Power backup, for a more reliable and stable power back up, a 15 KVA Kirloskar Green Silent Generator installed in the hospital.Again dedicated to the safety of our patients.


Bodeli General Hospital is the first centre in the region to acquire Whole set of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Gastrointestinal Video Endoscopy. It has the expertise and equipments to perform routine Upper GI Endoscopy and Colonoscopy .
It's doctors have been specially trained for Gastro intestinal Endoscopy in Asian Institute of Gastroenterology ,Hyderabad, India and Endoscopy Asia, Mumbai,India.


Bodeli General Hospital care for its patients. It has recently acquired State of the Art Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer ( ETO Sterilizer) for sterilization of non auto clavable surgical instruments. In an average hospital , surgical instruments are sterilized in an autoclave, which is a cheap and good method for sterilization.But not all instruments can be autoclaved and those instruments are not sterilized properly before use causing a rise in post operative infections.
Incidentally only few may be 2-3 machines are installed in whole of Baroda District , and this being the first centre outside Baroda city to invest heavily on patient safety.

18th April 2012: Bodeli General Hospital Completes Seven years ( 7) years of existence today.

It was celebrated in the hospital today by arranging a Mahapuja in the morning , followed by a get together of all doctors, staff members and wel wishers.


A multispeciality diagnostic camp along with RSBY awareness programme was arranged in Community Health Centre Kawant, Dist Baroda , which is a tribal interior belt of Gujarat with a huge BPL population, wherein many senior consultants of different specialities provided free services. Laboratory investigations, Xray facility and medicines were provided free of cost to the benefecieries.
Awareness about RSBY Scheme was done in the tribal population.
There was tremendous response to the camp organised .There were 650 official registrations.Unofficial figures are estimated to cross 1000 mark.
The following specialities other than general practice were covered :
1) General Surgery
2) Obstetrics and Gynaecology
3) Orthopaedics and trauma
4) Paediatrics
5) Skin and Venereal Diseases
6) Ear ,Nose ,Throat Diseases
7) Psychiatry
8) Radiology: Only Xray
9) Pathology: Basic laboratory Investigations

These are few of the moments:

25th September 2011:
A multispeciality diagnostic camp was organised by Bodeli General Hospital in collaboration with Block Health office Naswadi and CHC Naswadi.
Medicines were provided free of cost. There was also free laboratory and X ray facility. All doctors of different specialities affiliated to Bodeli General Hospital, Bodeli provided free services.

14th August 2011: Bodeli General Hospital , along with SHRI H.M. Shah , and Suraktam Blood bank had organised a multispeciality Diagnostic camp, at Village Jabugam, Taluka Pavijetpur, Baroda, Gujarat , wherein free services of several specialist doctors were rendered.
Medicines were supplied free. There was a Blood Donation camp too organised .Pictures uploaded below:

10TH MARCH 2011: Bodeli General Hospital
had organised a free multispeciality diagnostic camp at Community Health Centre Jambughoda, Dist: Panchmahal , Gujarat, with the help of ICICI Lombard General INsurance Company under the aegis of RSBY ( Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna).
Numerous patients and the general public of the surrounding villages took the free services.
photographs uploaded below.

15th February 2011: Bodeli General Hospital
had arranged a free diagnostic camp at the hospital, which was attended by many patients. Salient features were:
1) Free consultation by all available specialist consultants
2) Free medicines dispensed from hospital
3) Very concessional investigations like Xray, Ultrasonography and Laboratory investigations

Doctors attended: Dr Jayanta Bhowmick, Dr Manish Pandey, Dr Sarita Pandey, Dr Dipesh Gupta, Dr Ajit Kumar
Few photographs are as below:


Bodeli General Hospital becomes the first hospital in the region to establish a Quality Management system ( QMS) and ISO 9001:2008 Certification from UKAS accreditated certifying Body.
In this way this hospital displays its commitement for ensuring Quality Healthcare for the rural masses.
This hospital is also the first in the region to computerize and implement a paperless Hospital Management Software including a paperless
EMR ( Electronic Medical Records) with ICD coding ICD10.


A free diagnostic multispeciality camp was organized by BODELI GENERAL HOSPITAL and YUVA SHAKTI SEVA TRUST, BODELI on 1st march 2009 at Chandreshwar party plot, Bodeli.

More than 1500 patients attended the camp and took the advantage of the free services.

The consultation, laboratory investigations, xray, ecg , etc was done free of cost.

Ultrasonography, Sinus endoscopy(FES),Echocardiography all were done with nominal charges.

Medicines were supplied free of cost to all the patients.

Specialities covered were, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Ear Nose Throat(ENT), Dermatology (Skin), Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics ,Radiology and Orthopaedics.

Superspecialities like Cardiology and Urology were also covered.

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See the press release for more details.

: A 25 yr old male patient was brought to our hospital in a state of shock , with distension of abdomen, severe abdominal pain and oliguria, with history of blunt abdominal injury 3 days back. He was undergoing treatment from one quack ( there are plenty in interior villages) in a place called paviJetpur.

On examination his pulse was 150/min with systolic BP below 80mm Hg., with severe abdominal distension, guarding and rigidity. X ray abdomen standing was normal other than fluid level in per. cavity. USG Abdomen showed plenty of free fluid which on doing a flank puncture (USG GUIDED) it was blood., also there was doubtful liver tear.

His Hb was 5gm %. S. Creat was 2gm%.We arranged for 2 units of blood and Immediately the patient was posted for emergency laparotomy under general Anaesthesia. On exploration, there was massive haemoperitoneum , with a large liver tear right lobe .Rest every organ was normal. We controlled the bleeding by taking tagging sutures with abgel and compression, and did thorough peritoneal lavage.

Post operatively, patient went into acute renal failure with serum creatinine shooting upto 5mg%.

On consulting a nephrologist, he was advised immediate dialysis. But patient's relatives refused for dialysis. So we continued with balanced IV fluids ,diuretics and antibiotics. Gradually the urine output went on increasing with falling S. Creat. levels, and on the 15th post op. day, it was normal. Gradually patient was made fully oral, with all drains and catheter removed.

He was at last discharged from hospital with 17 days stay.

Again after five days he came back with severe epigastric abdominal pain ,vomiting, tachycardia and fall in BP. We immediately put a ryle's tube. There was a palpable lump in the epigastrium.

On getting done an USG Scan, there was a post traumatic? AV fistula like high velocity flow on the right lobe away from the site of tear, with overlying ? haematoma.

Again we resuscitated him, transfused him 2 units of whole blood, and managed him conservatively for 5 days.

He was once again discharged from Hospital.


A 35 yr. old female patient was brought to our hospital with complaints of:

Severe pain abdomen, bleeding per vaginum since 2 days.

No history of amenorrhea, She was multipara and no history of tubectomy.

She was undergoing treatment from some Quack in a village, after which she consulted a physician, and was then referred to our hospital from there.

On Examination : Her pulse was 150/min and BP: Systolic < 100 mm of Hg.

She was pale.

Per abdomen: generalized guarding and rigidity was present.

On Investigations:

X-Ray Abdomen : free fluid in abdomen, No free gas under diaphragm

USG abdomen: Massive haemoperitoneum with right adnexal mass?

Urine pregnancy test: Positive

Haemoglobin was 5 gm%.

So the diagnosis was ruptured right tubal pregnancy, with haemoperitoneum with shock.

We immediately arranged 4 units of whole blood and posted her for emergency laparotomy.

On exploration: there was massive haemoperitoneum with active bleeding, ruptured right tubal Ectopic pregnancy.

Right tubectomy with peritoneal lavage was given

Patient stayed at our hospital for 7 days, and was discharged healthy and happy.

CASE REPORT : 3 FELTY's SYNDROME (Massive splenomegaly with rheumatoid arthritis)

A 65 year old male patient came to us with the complaints of :

Pain and swelling in abdomen for 2years

Low grade fever off and on since 2 years.

Gradual increase in size of the swelling.

Joint pain all over body.

He had been undergoing treatment at SSG Hospital , Baroda and Pipariya Medical college hospital.

On examining and on investigations:

RA factor was positive.

Blood counts were low.

Haemoglobin was 8gm.

There was massive splenomegaly reaching upto the right iliac fossa.

X ray chest suggestive of Old healed pulmonary Koch’s.

Usg abdomen: Massive splenomegaly, rest NAD.

He was diagnosed to be suffering from FELTY’S Syndrome.

We planned him for splenectomy. We prepared him for surgery, arranged 2 units of whole blood, got him immunized my administering Pneumovac. Vaccine.

Splenectomy was done. The specimen was a huge spleen weighing 2.5 kg.

Post operatively patient recovered fast and eventless.

He was discharged from hospital after 7 days stay.


A 25 yr. old female patient presented to us with complaints of acute onset severe abdominal pain abdominal distension, vomiting for 1 day.

menstrual history was regular, LMP 3days back, Obstetric history: 1 G 1P.

On examination: Pulse: 120/min, BP: 90mm Hg, systolic., Abdomen was distended and there was severe guarding and rigidity.

USG abdomen and pelvis: Massive Free fluid in abdomen and pelvis, bulky uterine adnexa,

X ray abdomen was Normal.

Laboratory Ix:

Hb: 7.2gm ,TC: 13000/ ,ESR: 120/min, Urine routine and micro: NAD, Urine pregnancy test: Positive.

A Provisional diagnosis of ruptured ectopic pregnancy was made and patient was posted for exploratory laparotomy.

On exploration: there was 1.5 litre of pus in side abdomen, with bilateral pyosalpinx. whole of the bowel was explored and was found to be normal. A thorough peritoneal lavage was given.

A final diagnosis of tuberculous PID was made and patient was put on 4 drug anti tuberculous therapy. and she recovered fast and was discharged from this hospital eventless. test


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